Local 718 regrets to announce
the Line of Duty Deaths of our brothers


  "Boston Fire fighters are dedicated to the advancement of the moral, economic,
and social standing of the members of the Boston Fire Department
in keeping with the dignity of their heroic calling."


Paul J. Cahill and Warren J. Payne
Our thoughts and prayers are
with their friends and family at this difficult time.

Warren J.Payne Ladder 25
Paul J.Cahill Engine 30

“Our prayers and assistance are extended to the families of our fallen brothers,” says IAFF 3rd District Vice President Michael Mullane. “This is a dangerous job, and these fire fighters answered the call.”

Ed Kelly, president of Boston, MA Local 718, told the Boston Globe, “We lost two brothers, two brave men who went to work tonight to provide for their families and are not going home. We ask you to pray for their souls and for the brave and injured fire fighters who are struggling to recover right now."

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


 Kevin McCarthy Pipe Major Boston Gaelic Brigade

To All my Brothers and Sisters in the Pipe Bands,

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the unbelievable turnout at my Brother Billy’s funeral. I am always on the other side playing the pipes or leading the bands and never get a chance to see and hear the bands playing. I can tell you this ...I have never been so proud of being part of such a special group of people who take so much time out of your own lives, taking time away from your own families to be there in time of need. Billy would have been so proud to see everyone come marching down the street looking SO Sharp and playing beautifully!! Billy loved each and every one of you and I hope you know that I feel the same way!!!!!! Thanks Again for being the special people that you are I will never forget the very sad but beautiful day that we laid Billy to rest...

I Love You All!!! Thanks...Kevin










William J. McCarthy Jr.

January 4, 2008

Boston Local 718 Rescue 2

Boston Gaelic Brigade/Bass Drum

Richard "Dick" Besse

January 22, 2008

Boston Local 718 Rescue 2

Boston Gaelic Brigade/Piper











Robert “Bob” Kilduff,

March 13, 2008

Vice President

 Boston Local 718 Ladder 23

PFFM Legislative Rep.