Brockton Firefighters Pipes and Drums  Band History








On March 10, 1941, the Brockton Fire Department suffered the loss of thirteen brave men.  Their lives had been lost when the Strand Theatre collapsed during firefighting operations.  To this date, this tragedy is the third largest loss of firefighters in the U.S. due to building collapse. Since early 2000, the members of the Brockton Fire Department have been actively raising money in an effort to build a fitting memorial for these men.

  On December 7, 2005 an idea was born to build a living memorial to honor members past and present. The Brockton Firefighters Pipes and Drums played our first event on March 10, 2006 at Brockton's City Hall for the Strand Theatre Fire Remembrance ceremony. Six bagpipers and two drummers played Amazing Grace to a crowd of over one hundred and fifty active and retired firefighters. The presence of the band surprised the attendees, and added an aura of dignity that would continue for years to come.

   During the remainder of 2006, the band quickly became very busy playing at various events, including Brockton's St. Patrick's Day Mass, the opening ceremony for the 2006 MDA Telethon in Plymouth, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society of the United States Armed Services, Irish night for the Brockton Rox Professional Baseball Team, the 9/11 ceremonies in Brockton, and at Boston's Memorial Hatch Shell, including numerous funeral and memorial services.  The band marched in their first parade on November 11, 2006 to honor the past and present veterans of our great nation. This parade began the tradition of pausing in downtown Brockton at the corner of Main and School streets for a moment of silence and one tune in the memory of the thirteen members of the Brockton Fire Department lost in 1941. This tradition continues to this day.

Brockton Firefighters Pipes and Drums began with the thoughts of seven dedicated men and quickly grew to well over twenty men and women from the Brockton Fire and Police departments as well as surrounding communities. We wear the MacLachlan Tartan which coincidently has thirteen colors including red, black, blue and green. Our band is open to all public safety personnel and is a non competition, memorial band.   We are self supported by the members along with generous donations from the Brockton Firefighters local 144 and the Brockton Fire Department Honor Guard.

The Brockton Firefighters Pipes and Drums are available for hire.  We are able to play at weddings, memorials, parades, funerals or any other form of celebration.  We have available the entire band, a single piper, drummer or any combination.  Rates vary accordingly.

Band Manager - Peter Reardon - 508-208-8027