The Pipe Major


The Pipe Major is the “boss” of the pipe band. The Pipe Major stands in the ranks with the other pipers, occupying the position on the right-hand side of the front rank.

By definition: The Pipe Major is the director of bagpipe music in a Scottish or Irish pipe band. Like Drum Major, the position of Pipe Major is derived from British Army traditions. As in the case of Drum Major, the Pipe Major is a position in any Scottish regiment. In full dress uniform the Pipe Major wears a distinctive gold-embroider badge of pipes surrounded by a wreath on the right sleeve, and may have other special uniform items as well.

The Pipe Major is always a first class player, and his authority in the band is absolute. Whether it is a civilian or military pipe band, the Pipe Major is generally responsible for: music selection, compilation and arrangement of tunes for the band's repertoire, acting as a musical director, leading band rehearsals, co-ordination of the band's performances, training, learning, and beginning pipers The personality and abilities of the Pipe Major are the biggest factors influencing the success or otherwise, in both the musical and social sense, of a band.







Pipe Major Donald “Donnie” Bissett took on the role as first pipe major for the Brockton Firefighters Pipes & Drums in December of 2005. Pipe Major Bissett is a charter member of our band and instrumental in the band’s overall construction. It was through his vision and assistance that our band exist today. PM Bissett is a Lieutenant on Ladder Two of the Brockton Fire Department with over 33 years of service to the City of Brockton. Donnie, Thank You for your service in a tough position you truly are an original.






Pipe Major James "Jimmy" Dubeau took on the role of Pipe Major in June of 2009. PM Dubeau is 21 year veteran of the fire service with over 13 years the on Brockton Fire Department all of which he has spent riding  Squad A. Jimmy is a charter member having  joined the band in December of 2005.